Best Luggage for Traveling Light

What is the best luggage for traveling light? Deciding on the best luggage for traveling is dependant on a lot of factors like how long you’re traveling for, how long you’re staying in each destination, how you’re traveling, and how comfortable you are finding your way in a new place. 

When I travel I prefer to visit a few destinations and travel by trains, planes, and buses.  That makes it necessary to travel light so that I can keep my bags with me and have it not take up too much space. I also hate to be the girl that cannot lift her own bags off the baggage carousel, into an overhead compartment, and up the stairs.  For all of these reasons, I have experimented with the best luggage for traveling light. After experimenting, I usually travel with one rolling bag and one medium size backpack at the most. 

In terms of rolling bags, I have traveled with rolling laptop bags, rolling cabin bags with in-line wheels, and rolling cabin bags with four spinner wheels.  They all have their pros and cons.

Rolling Laptop Bag

Pros and Cons of Rolling Laptop Bags

Rolling laptop bags are great because they have a lot of pockets, have a padded pocket for a small laptop, and they sometimes include the option of using it as a backpack.

The cons are that they can be quite clumsy to roll, especially when they are full.  When they are full they often tend to become unbalanced and need to rebalanced before you can start walking again.  That can be very annoying and frustrating when you are going to be walking a lot with the bag, especially on uneven surfaces.

It is also impossible to roll those bags in front of or beside you while walking. Sometimes rolling the bag beside or in front of you is the most efficient method.

Rolling Cabin Bag with In-Iine Wheels

Pros and Cons of Rolling Cabin Bags with Two In-Line Wheels

The design of these bags is more appropriate for packing clothes, and even when full are much better at maintaining their balance while being pulled. They are also usually sized to be compatible with most planes overhead compartments.

The cons are that there aren’t a lot of pockets in these bags, and carrying and protecting small electronics is difficult. Another major con is that like rolling laptop bags you have to drag it behind you on two in-line wheels. Therefore it has the same balance issues that rolling laptop bags have.

Pros and Cons of Rolling Cabin Bags with Four Spinner Wheels

These bags are a new discovery for me and I love them. They are very similar to rolling cabin bags with two in-line wheels, except that they have four spinner wheels. That means that they still don’t have a lot of pockets, but you have more control over how you move with the bag. You can use all four wheels and push the bag in front of or besides you as you walk, or pull it behind you using only two wheels. The options mean that whether you’re walking down a wide sidewalk or walking down narrow plane or train aisles you can still control your bag with ease.

The Ideal Bag

I love the rolling cabin bags with four spinner wheels, but it’s still not perfect. The best luggage for traveling light would have pockets, electronics protection, and optional backpack straps of a rolling laptop bag.  It would be the size of the standard rolling cabin bags for convenience in all modes of transport. Then it would have four spinner wheels for easier and more versatile rolling options. I haven’t found this bag yet, but if I do it will be the next bag I invest in.

Travel Backpacks

As I’ve mentioned the cabin bags that you can bring on airplanes and trains conveniently that are great are walking with don’t include a lot of pockets and aren’t great for protecting electronics. As someone who travels with a small laptop and camera gear, on top of the usual valuables like passport and money, I need those pockets for storage and protecting electronic equipment. For that reason I carry a travel backpack with padded pockets and pockets so that I can securely carry my valuables.

My favourite travel backpacks mostly have secret or internal pockets that pickpockets cannot reach when I am traveling. They also include zippers that lock the bag pockets with padlocks.  This gives me a sense of security when I am walking with the bag, or storing the bag in train station and hostel lockers. 

Currently, my favourite travel backpack is the Lululemon Para Backpack that has room to store a pair of shoes, a laptop, a camera, and the associated accessories, a water bottle, toiletries, passport and money and a lot more. Plus it has additional straps that allow me to balance out the weight on my hips if it is heavy. The benefits of the bag are totally worth the cost of the bag.

Lululemon Para Backpack

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